We are currently looking for ambitious and inspired associates, who are willing and capable of working with us to help our famous brands Caprice and Sea Satin grow and thrive. Our invitation aims at reaching out to interested highly-qualified and experienced professionals and businessmen/businesswomen, who hold the resources and experience to make use of our brands in a creative and successful manner. We offer licensing of our famous brands and related trademarks, as well as marketing and know-how consulting and support, for the maintenance of our brands recognizability and excellent reputation and the increase of your business value.

As you know, our famous brands Caprice and Sea Satin, including a series of Greek and European Union trademarks such as Caprice Mykonos Bar, Caprice of Mykonos, Aqua – Caprice of Mykonos, Sea Satin, Sea Satin Market, Sea Satin Restaurant and Sea Satin Mykonos, provide exclusive rights in a number of services and products, bar and restaurant services being our flagship services. If you believe that you make a good candidate for the above and you are interested in becoming our partner for a fruitful cooperation within a licensing agreement, please contact Ms Melpo Tsoukali via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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 The locations on the island of Mykonos that you all knew as Caprice Bar and Sea Satin Market, and which were long operated under the famous brand Caprice of Mykonos, are now using these historic names illicitly by imitating them illegally, and the court has ordered the ceasing of their use by the present management of the locations.

Hope to overcome this adventure...soon!


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