Caprice Your Event in Mykonos

How big is your dream of hosting a gorgeous event in Mykonos?

Is it a corporate event or a reunion, an anniversary or a birthday party, a wedding, pre- wedding and/or a bachelor party, just a party or a wedding dinner which develops to a party, the Caprice of Mykonos team is here to provide whatever it takes for you and your MC or your Event Planner to design and give flesh and bone to the perfect event!
Due to our previous experience which counts more than 30 years in implementing events at both our legendary venues, Caprice Bar and Sea Satin Market Restaurant, we are considered experts in producing high end, customized events of any kind, effectively addressing our clients’ needs with regard to their organization, decoration and catering and no matter how eccentric they are.

Our successful cooperation with demanding clients among which famous international Party and Wedding Planning Offices is the actual proof that we work competently in the Business for Making Dreams Come True and we deliver!

Caprice your Event in Mykonosby sending us an e-mail at to help us understand your dream and show you how we can make it happen.

Quotations are given for free.



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