It all began in Little Venice, Mykonos, back in 1980 when Melpo and Nikos Gryparis had a vision of a destination; a place where people would get together and have the time of their lives. They wanted to create a space that would encourage a feeling of freedom, self expression, pleasure, and bohemian air. Their idea was to combine innovation with classic elegance in an original concept of charming informality. The result was a shared, magical experience with guests meeting and contributing to the unexpected; the capricious dream!

Caprice of Mykonos has since grown into a mindset, a mentality, a spirit and invites you at Caprice bar and Sea Satin restaurant. For more than 30 magical years it is considered the definition of summertime and fun and regarded as a trend setter, an endless inspiration to Greek entertainment and dining.

The originality of both venues, high quality, festive atmosphere, sophisticated service, legendary music compilations and delightful menus are only just a part of the true legend that is Caprice of Mykonos!