It all began in Little Venice, Mykonos, back in 1980 when Melpo and Nikos Gryparis had a vision of a new entertainment destination in Greece; a place where people could get together, free and comfortable to express themselves and have the time of their lives. They dreamed of creating a venue that would inspire the feeling of freedom, self expression and pleasure in a bohemian air. Their idea was to reinvent Greek Style combining innovation with classic elegance in the original concept of charming informality. The result has been a contagious magical experience with all guests welcome to meet and be the co-creators of the Capricious dream! In the following decades Caprice of Mykonos has grown into a unique, mind blowing mentality and spirit with two expressions: Caprice Bar and Sea Satin Market Restaurant. For more than 30 phenomenal years Caprice of Mykonos has been considered to be the definition of summertime and fun, being regarded as an international trend setter, an endless inspiration defining entertainment and dining the Greek way, a real category of one.

The originality and high quality of both venues, their emblematic locations (Little Venice for Caprice Bar and The Windmills for Sea Satin Market Restaurant), their stunning views over the amazing Aegean Sunset, their alluring design and aesthetics - epitome of the Greek style - the sophisticated service, the everlasting festive atmosphere highlighted by the initiation to the Greek celebration rituals, the legendary music choices composing the soundtrack of each moment, the imaginative signature cocktails as well as the exquisite drinks and food offered are only just a part of the true legend that is called Caprice of Mykonos!
Come with us, Be Yourself, Free Yourself, Caprice Yourself!